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  1. Limit memory usage of a single process

    If you are a computational scientist, I mean, not matter what you are working on, deep learning, computational physics, computational chemistry, etc., and if you use C++. It is likely that you write a program to leak the momery.

    It is a disaster!!! Anyone run Linux on his/her own …

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  2. MANPATH ${MANPATH} $(manpath)

    In the past, I only set the shell variable PATH to make the software compiledby me can be found.

    And after I installed TeXLive 2016 I learnt how to set MANPATH, which allows me to use man to browse the manual.

    But today, I find what I was doing is …

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  3. How to use GaussView5 via ssh

    Well, it seems that a lot of people (including the past me) do not know how to use GaussView in a server. Say, it is fairly difficult to set the X server up.

    Prof. Li and I want to use it. Actually, Prof. Li was going to let me help …

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